Visual Dna - conoscere gli utenti tramite le immagini

  • Profile Invitation: Users are invited to take a free visual quiz via text links and display ads. If required, we provide design services to create these ads and can work with our partner's creative.
  • VisualDNA Quiz: We provide a simple visual quiz delivered via a microsite, but can also embed quizzes within display ads or as a flash player on a partner's site. We have an extensive library of over 400 questions and, if necessary, can provide entirely bespoke quizzes to our partner’s requirements.
  • Demographics: Each quiz contains demographic questions that provide valuable context to user responses. Demographic questions can be tailored for each partner.
  • Brands: Users are asked which brands they use. This stage is very flexible and partners can ask for a variety of information at this point in the quiz.
  • Feedback and Data: On completing the quiz, users are given personalized feedback based on their image choices. We place a great deal of importance on this aspect of the process to ensure the user has a positive experience and feels that we've delivered an accurate representation of their personality and worldview. Our feedback incorporates our own user analysis with global standard profiling methods such as the Big 5. It is highly tailored and granular with tens of thousands of potential variations. We return data in a simple XML string. This data contains structured profile information including age, gender, location, lifestage as well as attitudinal and motivational information.
  • Targeted Content: Partners are able to customize the feedback page that a user sees on completion of the quiz. The extent of customization is for the partner to determine, but can include targeted ads, deals from brands and tailored content.